Hey! I'm Sarah. I'm a Long Island native, but my heart is in NYC. I'm the creator, designer, and editor-in-chief of Sawyer Magazine, an online bi-monthly publication for those interested in fashion, art, photography, pop culture, and life in New York. So far, I've released nine issues with themes such as Clueless, Scream, The Breakfast Club, and Freaks and Geeks.

I've been interested in fashion and teaching myself how to draw for as long as I can remember, and I have attended Parsons' Pre-College Academy for fashion design (I and II) and animation, as well as FIT for Creating a Producing a Fashion Line and Magazine Design. I've also earned my certificate for Fashion Industry Essentials through Parsons x Teen Vogue! 

Aside from that, I'm fascinated by movies, especially those from the 80's-90's. My favorite is Heathers- but that may have a little something to do with my undying love for Winona Ryder (say it with me now: Winona forever). I also have a slight (read: huge) obsession with theatre and all .things Broadway.

I created this website to share what I'm up to and because I absolutely love fashion, design and putting things together for you! I think that each person has a unique personality, and you shouldn't have to lose any of that personality in your outfits. I hope you like the things I do and that you become inspired to try out a new look or style. Be sure to share the website with your friends if you enjoy it as much as I love making it!

contact: newyorklovecontact@gmail.com


On the main page, I share the outfits I'm wearing, looks, tips, trends, et cetera. You can see the things I'm wearing and how I'm wearing them.


On my blog, I share pictures of my New York adventures and things that are more personal to my life, as well as recommendations and what I'm up to.

My Work:

I share pictures of collages I make, my original photography, and my fashion illustrations.