Chelsea, Baby!

📍Chelsea Market, Whitney Museum

Just wanted to pictorially take you through a day in Chelsea! At left is the Grey Dog in Chelsea, which makes up a mean, lowkey, rainy day breakfast. Below is a staircase at the Whitney, one of my favorite museums in the city. 


Above is a shot from Chelsea Market. If you're in Chelsea for the first time, you should absolutely check it out. Its packed with restaurants and this cool little flea market and usually an exhibit! 

Left: @ the Pratt museum, Right: @ the Whitney, Below: Chelsea Market 

I know this was kind of a short one, but I hope you dig these images nonetheless! I really want to start doing more posts like this because I feel so fortunate to be in New York and want to share the experiences I have there in a way that you may not see them just by doing a google search. So, more soon!