Parsons x Teen Vogue: My Audience

Hi again! I'm back with another post about my courses with Parsons x Teen Vogue. Today I've been focusing in on the 'Working Fashion Media' portion of the class. Part of the beauty of this course is that it allows you to gain a little bit of insight into the many facets of the fashion world, as opposed to just designing. I really love this portion of the course because I enjoy the marketing aspect of the fashion world! 

For this assignment, I analyzed my audience on this website as well as the Sawyer Magazine website and my social media platforms. 

I started with this website, which serves as my OOTD and Blog home, as well as a forum for contacting me and a place to view some of my work. I use Squarespace for both this website and the Sawyer website, so I used their built-in statistic tools to examine my audience. I noticed that over half of my audience views the website from a mobile Safari browser (an iPhone, iPod, etc.), and that my page views generally increase when I post new content. I did not notice a trend of views corresponding to time of day. The section of the website that gets the most views (after the home page) is the OOTD section. The blog did not garner as many views. It was also interesting to find that many viewers came from Twitter. I assume that when I tweet about a new blog post, people click onto it and read. 

The Sawyer website had a clear trend in terms of general traffic. My numbers would increase significantly in the month that I release a new issue (every other month), and would drop to about half in the in-between months. 70% of the viewers are using a mobile decide to visit the site. Some of the traffic came from the magazine twitter and my personal instagram page, where the link is featured in my bio.

 The analytics page for

The analytics page for

To view trends on my Instagram, I used the app Followers +. Posts with friends or just of myself got more likes than those without. Pictures of just myself were the ones with the most comments. The majority of the people who follow me are friends or friends of friends. For my Twitter account, I used their built-in Tweet Activity feature. Tweets with pictures of myself or my surroundings and tweets about the magazine and the most overall engagements. Selfies were also popular content. My followers on twitter come from various places. Many are friends or friends-of-friends, but a great deal of followers are people who's posts I've liked or people who have mutual interests with me, based on their page. Many followers are also companies whose brands relate to my interests, such as apparel and fashion, makeup, jewelry, art, music, etc. I learned from Hootsuite that my follower growth has been consistent.  

From this exercise, I concluded that a lot of my views or likes stem from self-promotion. For example, readers of the magazine often come from Instagram and people who visit my blog hear about it from my Twitter. People also respond well to me and my personal adventures on Twitter and Instagram. In the future, I will try to engage followers in content like this, as well as posts that represent my interests, which may lead to new followers. 

More to come soon!