Parsons x Teen Vogue: My Signature Bag (Part 1)

When completing the design course of my Parsons x Teen Vogue class, I designed a signature bag based on the things that surround and inspired me. I turned my bag into a tribute to some of my favorite movies: the cult classics. I envisioned a black, faux leather tote bag with leather panels in shades of grey and the words 'cult classic' in the middle in red. 

The preliminary sketch for my bag. I decided to make variation 1.Β 

The preliminary sketch for my bag. I decided to make variation 1. 

The finished mockup.

The finished mockup.

I decided to create my mockup using muslin, using the fabric as an estimation for the materials necessary for my final product. After measuring out the body of the bag and the straps, I found that I would need about 1 yard of my black faux leather. While my bag didn't require any additional closures, It did need additional faux leathers in two shades of grey for the panels, and red for the letters. I estimated that I would need 1/4 yard of both grey leathers, and a panel of the red fabric that would round up to 1/8 yard. I would also need thread to complete the bag. 

I added all of my materials into my predicted cost grid for the final product. I also added in the cost of labor. The mockup took a total of about 2 hours to make, but I didn't sew on any of the panels or letters, so I predict that the time required for labor in the finished bag will be 5 hours. After configuring the estimated cost of the bag (as seen on the cost grid above), the proposed retail price turned out to be $74.50.

In my next post, I'll reveal the final product and reevaluate the cost! Stay tuned...more to come!