Parsons x Teen Vogue: Production Standards

One of my Parsons x Teen Vogue Courses is Understanding Fashion Production. For this assignment, I tried on many different sizes of bomber jackets to compare sizing from brand to brand and even product to product (taking seam allowance into consideration).

I went to the mall for this assignment, because it had many brands readily available in one place. In order to evaluate differences in sizing from brand to brand effectively, I tried on the same style and sizes of various brands' bomber jackets. I usually wear a size small in jackets, but my sizes varied from jacket to jacket. For example, the BB Dakota white fleece bomber jacket's size small was slightly too big for me. The BB Dakota Blue Satin bomber fit the same way. This tells me that the brand may employ slight vanity sizing by labeling their size smalls as extra smalls to appeal to the consumer.

 Lucy Paris white lace bomber

Lucy Paris white lace bomber

For the French Connection bomber, number sizes were used, but the number size that fit me best corresponded with the letter sizes that usually fit me. 

Overall, the jacket that fit me best was the Lucy Paris white lace bomber. I pulled two other size smalls to compare to the first one I tried on to compare them. White the jackets were generally identical, I noticed that the sleeves on the first jacket were slightly longer than those on the other two, and that the bottom of the third jacket hit slightly lower than the others.

This activity exposed me to the inconsistencies of sizing and made me realize just how challenging trying on clothes or shopping online can be. It's so hard to find the right sizes when you're not even sure what size you are to a certain brand. When different companies size their clothes differently, consumers are confused and don't know where they stand when looking for clothes that will fit them properly, especially when people are shopping online and can't try on garments in person. For my future brand, I would make accessible and truthful sizing a priority for my customers. 

More Parsons x Teen Vogue posts to come soon! Hopefully you've been enjoying hearing some of my newfound insights. Until next time! 

x Sarah