Spring Street September

The location: Soho. The girls: me, Hayley, Beccah and Meghan. 

Wearing: Wildfox Tee, Millau skirt, Topshop sneakers, Forever 21 jewelry

The t-shirt and skirt combo is easy and classic. This shirt says 'just here for the boos' (not boobs) and puts me in the (premature) halloween spirit. I fell in love with this gorgeous mini skirt in LF Soho, and the slip ons are an old Beacon's standby. 

First stop was the Dominique Ansel bakery on Spring Street (home of the cronut) for a chai latte and croissants. While the weathers still nice, their outside 'garden' seating is still open and perfect for enjoying the last of the heat. 

I had never been in And Other Stories before today, but their Soho locations is beautiful and has everything from skincare to killer shoes. 

Soho is definitely pretty high up there on my list of favorite places to hang out in the city. Every street is nothing but stores and restaurants and the buildings are clean and beautiful. There aren't any big crowds (besides a huge line of models waiting outside Marc Jacobs), everyones wearing the most beautiful clothes, street vendors sell nothing but chokers, the coffee is a+, and the cupcakes (georgetown cupcakes and baked by melissa especially) are even better.


More things to come as we get further into Fall! No words can describe how excited I am for things like hot tea and candles and sweaters and even school (even though I'll probably take that last one back in a month hahah). Enjoy the last few days of summer and talk to you soon! ps if you haven't checked out the blog posts from my vacation to California take a look!