let's catch up. 

wearing: vintage kimono, DKNY turtleneck, Green Eyed Girl shorts, Forever 21 jewelry, sunglasses, and bag.

Hey guys! Happy November. Today I threw on my gorgeous vintage kimono, which I found a few weeks ago at the Manhattan Vintage Fair. I wanted to keep the other aspects of the look simple, so I went monochromatic. I paired shorts and tights (my least-best-kept fall style secret), and added a turtleneck. This look was partly inspired by Candice Cuoco, who was my favorite contestant on Project Runway season 14, which just came to a close. Candice didn't win, but she definitely gained a new fan. Her style is awesome, a little gothic, and avant-garde. Zac Posen called a few looks of hers 'witchy-bitchy,' which I totally love, even though he didn't mean it as a compliment per se. Either way, I've been loving the 'witchy' aesthetic. 

I spent the day with my best babe Lauryn, who took these pictures. I have a few pictures of us on Halloween that I also wanted to show you guys! I was Carrie White and she was a frat boy.

In other news, I'm still hard at work on the December issue of Sawyer, so keep your eyes open for updates on our twitter, @sawyermag! Talk to you guys soon! xo