wearing: thrifted dress; Forever 21 bomber, shoes, and necklaces.

I'm currently trying to will Fall to come faster, which is why I wore a bomber jacket today in the 90 degree heat. These types of souvenir jackets are really popular at the moment, but I've had some problems with styling mine. I think they look better on taller girls, so my main issue has been getting the proportion of the jacket length and hem length right. I settled on a black dress that I found at Crossroads in Pasadena to go underneath. Its long enough that the jacket doesn't swallow me whole without being uncomfortable.

I also just started up school again, and the excitement wore off by the end of first period. The only things that get me through are my school supplies, which I bombarded with stickers (below).

Hopefully you guys are having a great start to the Fall season, and I'll make sure to keep this page updated with more looks as it finally starts to get cooler.