Easy to Be Hard

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We're officially one month deep into Summer, and you know what that means- I'm back in the city regularly and blogging as I go! These were taken by FIT, on a street lined with these tall, colorful murals. The pajama pant trend (aka my new lifestyle) is definitely a big staple in my closet this summer. I love the look of the loose culottes, and the material is really light in the heat.

Urban Spaces are my current NY obsession. They're outdoor markets that sell THE COOLEST and most creative food from lots of different vendors and pop ups. You can read about/locate them here. Jars By Dani is a favorite vendor of mine. They sell jars filled with layers of sweet goodness (like frosting, cookies, and whipped cream). My flavor of the day was cake batter, layered with chewy sugar cookie crust, cake batter filling, whipped cream, and rainbow sprinkles.

More soon!!!